We use natures solutions to bind the Earth together.

Polycom has 20 years proven experience with dust control, sub-grade modification, container hardstands, preparation for seal-asphalt, airstrips & more

Why Use Polycom?
Fi water
PolyCom increases water resistance and longevity to naturally occurring materials, and materials that would have previously been deemed unsuitable for use in road construction.
Fi shipping
Supplied in 2KG units suitable to treat 50m3 or 100 tonnes of material, the required amount of PolyCom to stabilise 10 kilometres of road can be delivered in the back of a car.
Fi economical
When Transport Network Management incorporates PolyCom into their road management plans, a significant reduction in ongoing maintenance requirements is reported.
Fi eco
By using Polycom to create more sustainable roadways the financial and environmental expense of quarrying and hauling new materials to site, plus the time and resources to maintain the road is greatly reduced.


Polycom can be spread onto the prepared area and blade mixed with a motor grader or reclaimer

Water Spray

Polycom mixed correctly with a venturi style syphon during filling can also be applied. Reaches Optimum moisture content with less than 70% of normal water requirements.

Compaction Aid

Polycom has a proven history in consistently improving the density & load bearing capacity of existing material. Keeping the road open as an asset and not a maintenance liability.

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